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Happy Clients!

Some lovely comments from some lovely clients, who were all a joy to work with

“I approached Karen through a business group I’m part of because she was giving a talk about her business The Website Angels. We had an initial consultation and from the start I felt completely at ease with Karen. She creates a synergy between you and your business to bring it into flow and together with her extensive coaching knowledge she also brings the best of you forward.

Every step of the way she explained what she was doing, would find just the right images to illustrate each page and she would check and double-check to ensure I was happy with each new change and layout.

I highly recommend Karen for any website creation because you receive that interpersonal service unlike any other. She understands not just the technical aspects of building your website but gets to know her clients and creates that beautiful personal connection.”

Suzi Lily Khan

Divine Beings of Love

“Karen has just built the 3rd website I’ve had, and her approach was quite different from the other 2 people I’d worked with, one of whom was very IT-focused, and the other was very design-focused.

Karen is undoubtedly very tech savvy but the process of working with her wasn’t dominated by the technical requirements, it was dominated by her desire to bring out the best in me via my website.

She had a lovely gentle manner, always very encouraging and good at pointing out things I hadn’t thought about. When I talked about things I ‘should’ have she was very good at bringing me back to what I wanted, liked and was comfortable with, leading to a finished product that’s more authentically me.

I just love the way she ‘got’ what I meant about LIGHT being so important and built it into the background of every page!

Thank you Karen for being really supportive and patient, and for having such a good intuitive sense about what was going to work best for me.”

Dorothy Watt

Dorothy Watt, transformational homeopath and holistic wellness advocate

“I am absolutely thrilled with what has been accomplished in the time I have had with Karen! Karen has literally taken my struggling business and turned it into something I feel excited to take forward. I had lost confidence and motivation in the business side of things but with Karens patience and knowledge, she has worked on turning that around for me.

I am over the moon with my website! It not only looks amazing but it has exactly what I need to sell my products and Karen has really explained how it works and what to do with it. She did this in a way that I can feel confident that I can continue to do this on my own and manage going forward. As a complete novice, Karen was so patient and a fantastic teacher, really taking the time to make sure I understood.

Karen went above and beyond what I thought was achievable in the allocated time. Things that I thought were such a hassle and would be a bother for example, a re-direct, were just, done! I have also learned how to brand using Canva (which will be a god send), how to manage my social media, how to make shops on social media, how to SEO and probably most importantly – how to make a backup of my website and pop it back on again in the unlikely event I manage to make something go wrong!

I can’t thank you enough and I am now, once again, looking forward to my future with Intention pyramids without it feeling so daunting. With Karen’s guidance, I can see a clear road of where I want to be, how to get there and the knowledge to do it!
Thanks again and forever gratefull,”

Hailey Stent

Organite Intention Pyramids

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