Website Care Packages

Care Packages

Once we have launched (or re-launched) your website, it still needs to be looked after and properly updated and maintained to keep it safe.

WordPress are constantly improving the core files that make your website work, to add new features, fix security breaches and improve performance.

Every time they do, the Theme and Plugin authors must also update so that they stay compatible with the new version of WordPress.  They also regularly update to add new features or fix bugs.

All of these updates need to be carried out as they happen to keep your website secure – yes sadly there are nasty people out there trying to hack websites across the globe!!

You should also take regular backups of your site in case any problems arise (they can so best to be safe)

After we have worked on your website, you will get access to some video tutorials showing you how to do that, so you can do them yourself, but if you don’t feel confident or don’t have time, and you would like us to take care of your site for you then you can opt for one of our Care Packages

Website Care Packages

The Care Packages are for our Clients where we have worked on their websites.

If we have not worked on your website, we will need to take a look at your website before starting a Care Package and any work needed to bring it up to date initially will be quoted for before we begin.

To discuss which may be the most suitable for you, please do feel free to book a complimentary call

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