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Choosing a hosting service for your website and emails can be tricky!
There are so many companies who offer hosting services, and the terminology they use can be a little confusing!

I use EcoHosting for my own websites and for my clients. Their pricing is sensible, their servers are reliable, and their support services are friendly and efficient.

If you are looking for new hosting, or to move away from your current hosts for a better deal and/or service, pop on over and see what they offer.

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Email Marketing

When someone visits your website you really do want to encourage them to join your mailing list, so that you can continue to communicate with them on a regular business, until they become a client.

There are lots of different email management systems available, and at different price points!

These are 2 of my favourites to use for lots of reasons, and because they allow you to start building your mailing list on a free account and pay as you grow.

Which one will be best for you will depend on how you want to email your list, eg by weekly newsletter or automated series etc

If you are not sure which one will be best for you, then please do get in touch to have a chat about it


Canva is THE place to create all of your images (and now videos too) to use on your website and social media platforms, and promote your brand and business

It also makes creating presentations, workbooks, downloadable pdfs, and so much more really easy
You can sign up for a free account, which allows you to do so much, and then if and when you need the Pro features, you can upgrade to unlock them.

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No more playing email/messenger ping pong to book in clients and/or discovery calls.

Calendly is an online scheduling system where you can create an ‘event’ that allows website visitors to book an appointment with you. You set the times you are available, and choose whether you want to chat on phone or Zoom, and you can even sync it with your online calendar.
You can add the Calendar to your website and/or send an email to link to a hosted page on Calendly.
And you can start with a free account with one ‘event’ type and when you are ready, upgrade to add more options.

Click Here to get started with Calendly


Looking for stunning images to use on social media and your website? 

Pixabay has 100,000’s of them, and they are free to use royalty free.

Use Pixabay with Canva to create gorgeous branded images that will help you to stand out

Click Here to find images on Pixaby


I use a Gloomap when working with a client to help us both map out her website in a clear, visual way.   It really helps both of us to get clear on what needs to go where, and what needs to be included.

You can use it to do the same, and also to plan out a course you want to offer, or a client journey you want to create.

It’s completely free to use, and nice and easy

Click Here to start using Gloomaps


Scared to do Live or even recorded videos in case you forget what you were going to say? 

Cueprompter will help.  It is an online teleprompter that you can have running as you are live or recording to keep you on track.

It’s easy and completely free to use too.

Click Here to start using CuePrompter

Please note: some of the services listed on this page are affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you, The Website Angels may earn a small commission if you make a purchase .

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