Email List Builder Setup

Soulful Connections

The nature of the work you do with your Clients is deep, meaningful and can create profound shifts.  As such, it is unusual for a first time visitor to your website to feel that they know you well enough to book a call with you.

One of the ways you can help her to feel more comfortable with you, and lead her closer to taking that big step, is to encourage her to join your mailing list, where you can continue the conversation with her after she leaves your website.

You probably already know this, it’s why you are reading this right!  You want to create and build a mailing list so that you can connect more with your soul clients.

What you don’t know is which email manager to use (there are so many and have a bewildering array of functions) or how to set it all up

Let me do it for you!

Email List Setup

I have researched and used many of the systems available, and know which one will be best for you depending on how you want to send your emails – yes there are different ways to approach it.

I can help you with:

Choosing the right Email Manager system for you

Set up of a new account and list(s) to manage your subscribers

Guidance on what to offer to encourage signups

Adding the delivery mechanism of your free gift to your website, so that your new subscriber gets immediate access to it

Setting up a series of ‘Welcome’ emails to new subscribers to get the conversation off to a good start

Creating a branded stencil to make it easy for you to send your emails

Let’s get your Mailing List set up so that you can start creating those soulful connections with the clients who need you
Book a complimentary call to chat about what you need and get a quote

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