Social Media Branding

Showcase Your Brand on Social Media

I know you put a lot of effort into using your Social Media accounts to connect with, and build relationships with your Soul Clients.

You search for images that will resonate to share with them, along with your pearls of wisdom to help them with the challenges they are facing.

But, while you are doing that, are you making sure that the images you are sharing are ‘on brand’?
Do they have your logo, brand colours and name on them, and do they reflect what you do?

It’s important they do!!

And, using Canva, it is easy to do if you know how, or if you have a set of Templates that you can use to just change a bit of text or an image. to create a new image.

That’s where I can help!

Email List Setup

I LOVE Canva, and use it almost every day to create website images and Social Media images for my clients, as well as running Workshops to show others how to use it.  

I can create bespoke designs that beautifully showcase your brand for:

Cover and profile images that fit perfectly for each of your Social Media platforms

Packs of Templates in the correct sizes (so they display perfectly) for any or all of your Social Media accounts

Website headers and images

Fabulous Ebooks, Presentations and Course materials

You can also choose a 1:1 Canva training session to learn how to use all of the elements

Let me help you to Showcase Your Brand on Social Media and spread the word about who you are and what you do

Book a complimentary call to chat about what you need and get a quote

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