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Evolve your presence to reach more of those who need your special blend of healing and growth

There comes a point when you need to step up in your world to live your purpose fully, and share your unique skills and gifts with more of the people who need them.

Your website presents you with the opportunity to enable clients to access your knowledge and how you express and share it, where and when they most need it.

If you feel you are ready to take the next step on your journey to reach out more widely and powerfully, then we can work with you to bring it into reality.

Whether you want to launch a Podcast, create downloadable products for clients to purchase, or set up a group programme or retreat we can help you with all of the ‘working bits’ that will make it deliverable from your website.

If you need to make use of Third Party applications to create a better experience for your clients, we can also help you to integrate them seamlessly with your website.

We know this level of ‘techy stuff’ can be overwhelming, and fear of it can stop you from taking your next step.  We don’t want to see you limited!  We can deal with it for you, so you can focus your energy on what you do best.

Website Expansion

Prices will naturally depend on the extent and complexity of the changes you want to make, and whether you need to incorporate Third Party applications to deliver your work.

To chat about how you could expand your website to connect with and serve more clients, and get a personalised quotation, please do book a Complimentary Call

How the Expansion Process Works:

What is detailed below is the technical process, but what I want you to know is that creating or improving your website so that it reflects you and the work you are here to do, is much more than just a technical process

At every stage we will talk to each other, feel our way into what we are creating, and do what is right for you and the soul clients you want to attract.

I will guide you on what works in the online space, and how you can make your website visitors’ journey on your website flow easily. Always holding onto your vision, and tapping into your energy and authenticity.

Website Build

Step 1 - Free Consultation

To see if we both feel we are a good match, and could work together to expand or upgrade your website to help you to attract and serve more clients

Website Build

Step 2 - Proposal

If we agree to work with each other and feel that we are a match, then I proceed with drafting a project proposal that will outline expectations, timeline, and costs
This proposal will be sent to you for approval and if you are happy, we can get started.
At this time, the agreed upon deposit is due.
The cost of any additional functions you wish to incorporate into your website is also payable at this point, eg a premium plugin to facilitate a Membership

Please Note: Deposits and additional third party fees are non-refundable.

Website Build

Step 3 - Brainstorm Meeting

We will get together in a Zoom meeting to plan out your site and discuss the look and feel that you want to reflect, what you feel is not working as is, and what additional functionality you want to add.
I will help you to clarify the flow of your website and how we can create the next level of growth on it
We will create a “map” of your website, how it will all fit together and a clear idea of the type of content that will be going where

Website Build

Step 4 - The Techy Bits

I will re-build the structure of the website with all of the pages and functions you need on it, so that it is all ready for your new content and images
I will also re-create the colour schemes, header and footer and menu customisations for your approval, if applicable
To help you with your content creation, I will provide you with links to each of the pages with pointers about the type of content needed for each
At this point a first stage payment is required, which will be detailed in the proposal

Website Build

Step 5. -Your Content

You write your wordings, and source the images you would like to use for your site, and send it through to me to be added to the website

Website Build

Step 6 - Review Meeting

We have another Zoom session to review your website and agree any changes you would like to make

Website Build

Step 7 - Website Re- Launch

After any fine tuning, and checking all of the links etc work as they should, and that you are happy with it, we will make your revised website live.
At this point the final payment is due.
You will be given access to our Client Hub, where you can access video tutorials showing you how to keep your website up to date and secure, make changes to existing content

Please note that The Website Angels is NOT responsible for any future updates related to the website after project completion unless you purchase an ongoing Care Package

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